A. During the months of October 1st through May 1st buses are permitted in the aquarium parking lot. From May 19th through September buses and school vans are not permitted in the Aquarium Parking Lot. Buses must drop children off along the yellow curb on Ocean Ave outside of the parking lot and then proceed 1/4 mile down the road to Jenkinson's Inlet Parking Lot. There is no charge for bus parking at Jenkinson's Inlet Lot.

B. Minivans and cars - If you arrive in vehicles other than school or charter buses, you may park in the aquarium lot, but you will be charged when there is a fee. There is, however, limited free parking on the town streets. If your group is arriving in separate cars, please arrange a meeting place (either the parking lot or somewhere on the boardwalk outside the aquarium). When your entire group has arrived, one representative can then come inside the aquarium to check in. Buses may not park on the town streets at any time of the year. Point Pleasant Beach police will ticket school buses parked on the street.

C. Teachers/Group Coordinators: Please Review Parking Rules and Directions to the Facility With Your Bus Driver’s Prior to Leaving Your Site.