We are now booking Class Trips for the 2012- 2013 school year. Call 732-892-3274.

Availability: Memorial Day through Labor Day When Beach is Open and Lifeguards are On Duty
Booking: In Advance - One Week
Call: Group Sales Monday througth Friday 9am-5pm 732-892-3274
E-Mail: groupsales.jenkinsons@comcast.net
     • Adults: (12 years and up), $5 Weekdays/$6 Weekends and Holidays
     • Children: (5-11 years) $1.50 Daily, Under 5 Years FREE
     (Group Beach Rates include use of Bath House)


Includes 12 Rides per Person at Jenkinson's South Amusement Park
Availability: (June through August) Amusement Park opens at Noon Daily
Booking: In Advance - One Week
     • Groups of 20 - 99 people: $12 per Person
     • Groups of 100 or more people $10 per Person
     • Add $15 unlimited wristbands available Mon-Fri 12 noon-6pm
     *Each person receives a ticket book for 12 rides. Ticket books cannot be split.

Availability: June through August
Rate: $3.00 per Person

Kiddie (6 oz.): $2.50
Small (8 oz.): $3.00

Each: $3.00

(Not available during July and August)
1 Slice of Pizza & 1 Small Soda: $3.75
2 Slices of Pizza & 1 Medium Soda: $5.75

Jenkinson’s Aquarium is a unique facility for schools, scouts, churches, camps and other organizations looking for a fun-filled learning experience. Special group rates include a guided tour conducted by our marine education specialists.

Availability: Year Round "Off- Season" Recommended (September through February)
Booking: In Advance - at least Two Weeks, Space is Limited - Book Early
Call: Group Sales Monday - Friday 9am-5pm 732-892-3274
E-Mail: groupsales.jenkinsons@comcast.net
Lunch: Options Available September through June. Must be Arranged with Group Sales Office when    
Booking Tour. Focus Programs Available September through February ONLY
Extras: Beach, Fun House and Amusements may be added at an additional cost during our summer  season.
Rates: (effective September 1, 2009)
     •  Seniors: $5
     •  Adults: (September - March) $6, (April - August) $7
     •  Children: (pre-K through 8th grade), (September - March) $5, (April - August) $6